Ben Cochrane - Surf Lifesaving Ironman,
Gold Coast, Australia

The Advanced Visual Perceptual Program would have to be the most impactful experience I have ever gone through. It allowed me to discover what was actually motivating me and realise what was holding me back, allowing me to now live my life in an entirely different fashion. My overall happiness and enjoyment in life has increased 10-fold through this programme, and I believe every single person would benefit tremendously from going through it.

Now, when I compete, I am no longer crippled with nerves and I no longer need to achieve a desired outcome to feel valued. This has allowed me to race with a freedom I never thought possible.

My relationships with others have improved significantly and I no longer feel the need to "buy into" my thoughts. I have learned some incredibly effective tactics to relax and let go of negative thoughts. I am no longer afraid to go after the things I want and I can engage in life in an entirely different way. None of this would be possible if it were not for the Advanced Visual Perceptual Program

Kathy - Mother

A year ago I was at my wits end trying to find a way to help my 9 year old son. He had been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, a learning disorder and Development Coordination Disorder. He struggled with all his school work especially literacy, communication, making friends and keeping friendships. He had trouble using scissors and riding a bike and because he had spent so much time learning how to avoid the things he didn’t want to do, we also had behaviour issues as well.

Then I met Natoya and what a fantastic experience it has been. I admit I was a skeptic at first (sorry Natoya), but one thing Natoya kept saying just stuck with me, “Functional Kids Don’t Struggle,” so I decided to trust her and I am so happy I did. The changes in my son have been huge. From the first session that he sat down with her I knew I have made the right choice. She actually understood him; she understood what was happening and how he felt. But best of all she offered real help not just a band-aid measure.

My son has never looked back, he has grown and changed. He would be the first to tell you that is not easy and there have been tears both of joy and pure frustration. Natoya has been there every step of the way to help and encourage his progress. My son has gone from only just achieving a D’s on his report card across every aspect (D is below standard expected) to achieving nearly all C’s on the last report card (C is standard expected). He also got an award for the 'most improved' in his class.

I am not going to try and describe the therapy process because honestly I couldn’t. I will leave that to Natoya. But what I will say is……. if you have a child who is struggling, contact Natoya, talk to her, trust her, believe in your child. Remember, “Functional Kids Don’t Struggle,” they just need a little extra help and to be shown the way.

Heidi - Mother

I was first made aware that my daughter was likely to struggle in school when she was about 2 years old. Natoya had noticed that she was not relating a story being read to her, to the pictures in the book. She advised us what to do to help her at this time and advised that Amy was too young for the therapy and to wait until she was 5 or 6 years old.

When Amy was about 6 years old, I received an email from her teacher basically telling me my daughter had an attitude problem. She described how Amy would go and ask for clarification on the work she was doing and then go back to her desk and do whatever she wanted to do. When Natoya heard about this she told me this was not what was going on; that Amy simply didn’t know how to start at the beginning of her work and was starting at a point where she knew she could do the work. Natoya also said it was time to begin the Visual Perceptual Therapy.

At this time I was aware of various other issues going on with Amy as well. I knew she was struggling in school and that the school was not helping her, despite their promises and assurances. She had also started bullying other children and we had other issues around her behaviour and doing what she was told.

I have to admit that it was a bit of a mystery to me as to what Natoya was going to do with Amy. I had known Natoya for a few years and I trusted her so I was prepared to give it a try. In total, I think we had about 8 or 9 sessions with Natoya with those sessions being 2 weeks apart. Initially I didn’t think I was seeing any change in Amy but by the third session I was seeing some very definite changes. I got to see what Natoya meant by Amy not knowing where to start a task, and I learned how to work with her in a really effective way, by copying how Natoya worked with her in the therapy sessions.

My daughter is now 10 years old and a totally different child. When I look back I can see how that 6 year old girl was really performing as a 3 or 4 year old and that she just could not do the school work. We had to put in a lot of work at home to bring her up to speed as the school was obviously not capable to doing this. I’ve found I had to demand things from Amy’s teachers and the school – appropriate homework, that they keep me informed of her progress and how she is doing in school, generally and that they followed through on the things we had discussed and agreed upon. However, we would not be where we are without Natoya and the Visual Perceptual Therapy; it gave Amy the ability to perform to understand her world and to perform the tasks being asked of her. In short, it allowed her to overcome her struggle. The bullying stopped and, with Natoya’s guidance on some different ways to parent Amy, her behaviour at home and at school totally transformed. She no longer struggles in school and she has received awards at school for her work. The girl who once could not read now reads with ease and her grades in school are where they need to be. I’m still finding I have to keep on top of the school and what they are doing, but that is them, not my daughter – actually I can say I probably know more about my daughter, who she is and how she performs than the school does; and that is also a consequence of working with Natoya. 

Overall our family life has been transformed. Natoya used to tell me that if I wasn’t having fun in correcting my child’s behaviour, something most definitely was wrong. These days I don’t find myself yelling or getting stressed, because I have a daughter who shows initiative and steps in to help and is a joy to be around. The work we did with Natoya has made life so much easier and Amy has never looked back.

The therapy is really something you have to sit in on and experience for yourself. It all seems rather obvious at the time, but telling someone else about it, well I’ll leave that up to Natoya. The results are amazing and I believe any child who struggles with life and school, should give it a go. If I had time over again I wouldn't hesitate in calling Natoya, she knows what she is doing and is very, very good at it. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who struggles, it’s the best thing anyone could do.

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