Literacy & Numeracy

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Literacy and numeracy are
a symptoms rather than
'THE' problem.

Literacy and numeracy struggles are the result of a  deeper problem, and we need to understand what that issue is in order to correct these struggles.

Literacy and numeracy are some of the most complex tasks we are able to perform. In order to resolve the struggles we must first understand how we perform these tasks.

numbers and letters

Struggles with literacy and numeracy are a functional issue ie: something has gone wrong and the person is unable to perform these tasks.

And its not only literacy and numeracy children struggle with.
They will also be struggling in other areas of life as well.

children running
children socialising
child eating


Daily activities

The benefit of addressing the cause of these struggles is that they
typically resolve very quickly.

happy children

And we get happy children
who are able to engage and
perform in all areas of their life.

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