The Visual Perceptual Therapy

The new generation therapy of  neuro-cognitive therapy

The Visual Perceptual Therapy is ground-breaking because it puts performance under the microscope, and allows us to see into its very core. When we correct and improve upon performance at this level, profound change occurs, and it occurs  very quickly.

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Over the past 30 years, science
and medicine have made some remarkable progress.

However, neuro-cognitive therapies have
hardly changed at all.

Most therapies are really no different to
what they were all those years ago.

In 1996, a doorway opened revealling a whole new world, existing beneath the surface of what we can readily see.

space travel
It allowed us to understand how human beings do what they do in a much deeper way.

Now far more can now be achieved
than ever before.


People who had previously made
no progress in rehab now make
astounding progress.

The Visual Perceptual Therapy is a true 21st century therapy. This therapy has taken us beyond the contemporary practice of treating the symptoms of neuro-cogntive issues, and allowed us to understand how we do what we do and intervene at this level.

This therapy is truly client centred while also being very outcome focused. It is now possible to  gain, or regain, a level of functional performance you may believe is not possible. 

The Visual Perceptual Therapy works with people who:
  • have suffered strokes and traumatic brain injuries
  • are said to have 'dementia,'
  • have undergone brain surgery
  • struggle with performing everyday tasks
  • struggle with literacy and numeracy
  • have other neurological and cognitive based issues

We also have a programme for anyone wanting to improve upon their overall performance. We work with professional athletes and other high achievers to
refine their performance so they can truly fly.

Even if you have experienced limited success
in the past, this approach is highly likely
to change your life.......


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It doesn't matter where in the world you are
you can access
The Visual Perceptual Therapy



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