Natoya Rose Dip OT

  Visual Perceptual Therapist  

Natoya recently decided to cease practicing as an occupational therapist after over 30 years in this role, and to fully devotee herself to the continued development of the Visual Perceptual Therapy and her role as a Visual Perceptual Therapist.

Having long said that there was a new profession associated with the Visual Perceptual Therapy, Natoya decided to cease practicing as an occupational therapist as it had become apparent that she had gone beyond realm of occupational therapy, and that it was starting to limit the development of the Visual Perceptual Therapy.

Natoya currently works from her private practice in Christchurch, New Zealand, but is now actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with others and to engage in some much needed research into visual perceptual performance, and the impact the Visual Perceptual Therapy has on neuro-cognitive issues.




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