Natoya Rose

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Natoya is a New Zealand registered occupational therapist, who has been practicing for over 30 years in New Zealand, the USA and Australia. In 1996, a moment’s epiphany forever changed how she saw and understood cognition. That insight has led to the development of a growing body of knowledge on how we actually do make sense of this world, and are then able to act in and on it in the amazing ways we do. It also led to the development of the revolutionary Visual Perceptual Therapy. 

Natoya realised very early on in her career that, while there was a great deal of information available about cognitive performance, this still didn't allow us to understand how we actual generate these skills and abilities. It was also apparent that our ability to actually improve cognition had its limitations. Natoya intuitively knew that something was missing from that understanding and wanted to know what it was.

That moment of realisation in 1996 opened a door into an entirely new understanding of human performance. It became very apparent that when we understand the subtleties of how we process sensory information and how this, in turn, influences all of our performance, we are able to have a tremendous impact in improving upon, not only cognition, but all other areas of performance. The result is a rapid and profound improvement in most clients' performance, so much so that we are all often left saying "Wow, that is amazing."

Natoya has also been able to develop the means of delivering the Visual Perceptual Therapy via Skype around the world.

Natoya works from her private practice in Christchurch, New Zealand.




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