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Visual Perceptual Therapy
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Neuro-cognitive disorders can be incredibly disruptive and challenging, and while physical function may be lost, its the loss of cognitive abilities that people struggle with the most.

But there is far more we can do these days to overcome these issues.

If you have a neuro-cognitive disorder not mentioned here, don't worry. The chances are The Visual Perceptual Therapy is for you too. Just drop me a line and tell me a little about yourself The ground breaking Visual Perceptual Therapy allows us to go to the heart of neurological disorders, restoring skills and abilities that have been lost or disrupted.
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I remember hearing an interview with a neuro-scientist on the radio several years ago, in which he said that once the brain has healed, we only need to practice, just as he would, and we would be able to perform any task we could previously. Anyone reading this, or anyone who knows someone, who has suffered a stroke or brain injury will know how much nonsense this idea is. If it were true, we would have no one in this world suffering the long term consequences of such conditions.

In my 30 years of practice as an occupational therapist, I've watched as medicine has steadily improved upon its ability to treat the physical consequences of stroke and brain injuries; however, the therapy that is provided today has hardly changed at all
    .......until now.
A new day has now dawned.

The Visual Perceptual Therapy
is available around the world, for anyone
who has a neuro-cognitive disorder. 
If you want to:
  • regain function
  • improve upon your capacity to perform, or
  • restore your independence
then this could be the therapy for you.
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The Visual Perceptual Therapy
allows us to go to the heart of
these problems and correct them
from there.

Meaning far more progress....... far more
quickly than ever before.
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The first step is to find out how I can help.

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The program is available all around the world via Skype, meaning that it doesn't matter where you are, you can
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